The Wholesale Formula (TWF)

The Wholesale Formula (TWF) The Wholesale Formula teaches you how to find profitable wholesale products you can sell on Amazon.
Dan and Dylan seem to have a lot of experience in wholesale claiming to have sold over $30,000,000 of products on Amazon.

What Is The Wholesale Formula?

The e-commerce wholesale industry is undergoing substantial growth, with projected online B2B sales set to reach $1.8 trillion in 2023, according to Statista. However, this promising landscape comes with fierce competition. To thrive as a newcomer in wholesale selling, it's crucial to adopt proven strategies tailored to the current market dynamics. This is precisely what Dan Meadors' Wholesale Formula 2023 offers.

Dan Meadors, an accomplished e-commerce entrepreneur boasting an 8-figure success and a track record of over $100 million in online sales, has meticulously honed his wholesale business model and system over the years. His wealth of expertise is encapsulated in The Wholesale Formula training program. Developed in collaboration with his business partner, Dylan Frost, The Wholesale Formula serves as the ultimate A-Z blueprint for launching and expanding a highly profitable e-commerce wholesale business.

In its third iteration for 2023, The Wholesale Formula has been enhanced and expanded. It comprises a comprehensive training program delivered through detailed video modules, downloadable PDFs, live coaching calls, a private community, and more. Upon enrollment, participants gain lifetime access, allowing them to progress through the materials at their own pace.

The program covers various crucial aspects, including:

  • Sourcing top-selling products and establishing reliable supplier relationships.
  • Optimizing e-commerce stores for maximum conversions.
  • Leveraging tools for automated and streamlined order fulfillment.
  • Employing intelligent branding, marketing, and advertising tactics.
  • Analyzing data to enhance business strategies.
  • Scaling from a side hustle to building a multi-million dollar empire.

The Wholesale Formula presents a step-by-step layout in an easily digestible format, catering to both complete beginners and experienced sellers looking to expand. By providing essential skills and knowledge, The Wholesale Formula empowers individuals to turn their passion into profits in the realm of e-commerce wholesale.

Who are Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost?

Who Created the Wholesale Formula

Hailing from Corbin, Kentucky, Dan Meadors co-founded The Wholesale Formula and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of the Cumberlands.

Dylan, originally from Middlesboro, Kentucky, shares a professional journey with Dan. In 2011, they collaborated at an online retail company specializing in collectible card games. The turning point occurred when the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company decided to resign. Intrigued by the decision, Dan and Dylan discovered that the CFO's motivation was to concentrate on online product selling.

Introduced to retail arbitrage by their former CFO, Dan Meadors and Dylan embarked on a weeks-long journey to master this approach. Over four months, they reinvested every earned dollar back into the business, eventually quitting their full-time jobs to commit to Amazon FBA. Their initial venture began modestly with a credit card boasting a $600 limit. In the first three years, primarily focused on retail arbitrage, they achieved an average annual sales figure of $1 million. The turning point occurred in 2014 when they transitioned to reverse wholesale sourcing, and by 2016 and 2017, their Amazon sales had soared to $11 million.

Currently, Dan and Dylan not only engage in selling but also coach The Wholesale Formula course and host The Wholesale Formula Workshop, a 3-day virtual event where they share their formula for discovering and selling products on Amazon. While The Wholesale Formula YouTube channel features numerous student testimonials, the latest posts date back to 2021.

In assessing this course, reputation plays a pivotal role, and so far, it has garnered positive feedback. Learning from individuals who have achieved substantial success on Amazon, such as Dan and Dylan, is arguably more valuable than relying on self-proclaimed Amazon gurus peddling their products on platforms like YouTube. (Interestingly, a guy with two first names comes to mind, adding a touch of humor to the comparison.)

The Wholesale Formula Customer Reviews

The Wholesale Formula  Customer Reviews
Mike W, - Former Dentist In Santa Ana, CA

"Aymeric Monello, a first-generation French immigrant, pursued the American dream by relocating to the United States. Upon joining The Wholesale Formula program, he achieved remarkable success, generating over half a million dollars in profit within just three years. Eventually, Aymeric sold his Amazon business for a substantial sum, exceeding $400,000.

The Wholesale Formula  Customer Reviews
Chris M, - Former Policeman Turned Home Business Owner In Stuart, Florida

"Prior to enrolling in the TWF program, Sean Elliott was drawing a monthly salary of $2,000 from his business. However, six months after joining, his income experienced a substantial increase, soaring from $2,000 to an impressive $5,000 per month. Sean attributes this significant growth to the valuable tips and strategies he learned from Dan and Dylan in The Wholesale Formula course, which transformed him into a successful Amazon seller."

The Wholesale Formula  Customer Reviews
Matt D, Artist In Manhattan, New York
 - Increased Profits by 150%

"Upon hearing positive feedback about the course, Dr. Karl Goldkamp decided to invest and began selling products in the Amazon marketplace. The weekly webinars proved to be particularly valuable for him, as Dan and Dylan's team provided detailed insights into their Amazon strategies. Within a week or two, Dr. Goldkamp not only recouped his initial investment but also started making thousands of dollars every month."

How Does The Wholesale Formula Work?

Amazon, a colossal $1.5 trillion company, surprisingly directs about 50% of its revenue into the hands of small business owners rather than being concentrated among large corporations or Jeff Bezos.

Dan and Dylan assert that due to Amazon's unique business structure, there has never been a money-making opportunity as substantial in the history of mankind.

At, you can explore the fundamentals of how The Wholesale Formula operates. The website offers the opportunity to join a TWF waitlist, access a free Wholesale 101 guide, and participate in a TWF workshop.

The core principles of The Wholesale Formula are as follows:

  • Seek out products from wholesalers or purchase directly from manufacturers.
  • Identify products available at low prices from local wholesalers that can be sold at a higher price on Amazon.
  • Purchase these products and sell them on Amazon to generate a profit.

Utilizing Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program eliminates the need for managing inventory or shipping, as Amazon takes charge of the majority of logistical challenges.

Dan and Dylan were regular individuals before discovering the potential of selling on Amazon. Now, they aim to share their success with the world. They articulate their program and potential earnings as follows:

"We've decoded the formula for finding the simplest and most predictable way to generate wealth on Amazon. We're not proponents of complexity. To make this endeavor work, we sought something scalable and straightforward. This is our uncomplicated, proven, and potent process that can swiftly generate profits for YOU on Amazon by leveraging our distinctive reverse sourcing wholesale strategy."

Once a year, Dan and Dylan open the doors to new students for The Wholesale Formula's teaching program. These students receive step-by-step guidance on launching their own Amazon business.

Key Features of the Wholesale Formula

It's crucial to highlight the distinctive attributes of this program, as they can profoundly impact your success in the business. The Wholesale Formula transcends being a conventional e-commerce course; it serves as a comprehensive roadmap crafted to elevate you from a novice to an expert in the realm of online selling.

Product Scouting: This aspect enlightens you on how to identify profitable products that are already successful on Amazon. It doesn't involve creating new products or attempting to dictate market trends. Instead, the focus is on recognizing existing consumer preferences and locating suppliers for those in-demand items.

Product Sourcing: After pinpointing potential products, The Wholesale Formula guides you through the process of sourcing them directly from brand owners or authorized suppliers. This ensures legitimacy in your sources and minimizes the risk of counterfeit goods infiltrating your inventory.

Profitable Selling: The ultimate key feature entails learning how to sell these products lucratively on platforms like Amazon. The program equips you with strategies such as optimizing product listings, implementing competitive pricing, and employing effective marketing techniques.

These three features collectively form a fundamental trifecta that propels successful e-commerce businesses today: discovering high-demand products, sourcing them correctly, and executing effective online sales. With its lucid structure and expert guidance, The Wholesale Formula distinguishes itself in an increasingly competitive landscape of e-commerce education programs.

What’s Inside The Wholesale Formula Course?

By registering for this course, you are in for a jolly ride. The course content is filled with robust materials that will help you make significant sales.

The training course is loaded with 7 modules, which include over 90 in-depth videos.

The Wholesale Formula Inside
  • Module 1: Getting Started
    In the initial module, you receive the fundamental guidance necessary to kickstart your business and establish your Amazon FBA account. Furthermore, you delve into the basics of the 'Reverse Sourcing Wholesale' model.
  • Module 2: Product Analysis
    This section educates you on avoiding the common rookie mistake of randomly selecting products to work with. You acquire the essential skill to thoroughly analyze products on Amazon, identifying those with the potential for easy scalability and increased profitability. The module covers crucial aspects like understanding the 'Buy Box,' sales rank, competition analysis, and more.
  • Module 3 : Scouting
    At this stage, you delve deeper into Black Box Scouting, Amazon Filtering, and Super Targeting – the primary focus areas of this module. These methods are designed to enhance your search optimization for the best wholesale product opportunities.
  • Module 4 : Value Propositions
    The image you present is crucial and a significant factor in determining your success. You'll learn how to position yourself attractively to potential brands, boosting your account approvals. Initiatives such as building a website, utilizing PPC, and optimizing listings are explored.
  • Module 5 : Sourcing
    This module provides firsthand insights into the exact strategy and systems employed by Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors for sourcing-related activities. Activities include contacting relevant brand owners, negotiating lower prices, and establishing wholesale accounts. Additionally, you gain the skills needed to accurately forecast sales for initial orders and reorders, preventing the risk of missing out on potential sales.
  • Module 6 & 7: Operating and Optimizing
    These modules are recent additions to the formula, intended to immerse you deeper into the system and its advantageous utilization. Furthermore, these modules unveil new aspects of the formula that have not been previously disclosed.

Resource Valut & Webinar Recordings

The resource vault serves as the repository for all the valuable materials essential to scaling your business to the 8-figure level. Loaded with various support materials relevant to your entrepreneurial journey, the vault acts as a one-stop shop for action-oriented lessons and webinar recordings providing insights into how Amazon operates.

Benefits of The Wholesale Formula

The course distinguishes itself from similar Amazon wholesale sourcing programs through several notable advantages:

  • Comprehensive Learning:
    The course effectively covers scouting, sourcing, and scaling, ensuring that students grasp the fundamental aspects of the business model. The content is divided into easily digestible modules, preventing information overload and enabling participants to learn at their own pace.
  • Elimination of Middlemen:
    Through instruction on leveraging the Amazon FBA program, the course teaches how to ship products directly from manufacturers to Amazon warehouses, bypassing intermediary services. This eliminates the need for personally handling pick-up, packaging, and direct delivery to sellers, thereby avoiding potential customer service issues.
  • Discount Procurement:
    By guiding students on purchasing products in bulk as certified brand merchandisers using the RPS call system and cutting out middlemen costs, the course facilitates securing the best discounts. This provides a substantial pricing advantage over competitors.
  • Revolutionary Techniques:
    The course introduces unique twists to popular marketing strategies, including Reverse Sourcing, Super Targeting, RPS call system, and various effective business scaling techniques.
  • User-Friendly Modules:
    Designed for individuals without extensive tech-savvy or prior knowledge of Amazon wholesale marketing, the course presents step-by-step guidance. It starts from basic concepts and progresses to more advanced techniques.
  • Strong Support System:
    The Wholesale Formula course offers comprehensive resources for a successful wholesale career, including a Resource Vault with additional lessons on understanding Amazon operations, setting up a business, and effectively utilizing key software like G-suite.
  • Streamlined Approval Process:
    Gaining approval from brand owners is typically challenging, leading to reduced competition for sellers who can reach the manufacturer's selling price. The course provides insights into Reverse Selling Wholesale, granting access coveted by many sellers.

    The good news to you is that through Reverse Selling Wholesale, you have the same access that lots of sellers lobby for but never get. And it already provides you a leg up on the competition and a variety of revenue streams.

    You’ll acquire the abilities that will make you a high attraction for major brands with Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost as your mentor and sales pilot.
  • Competitive Edge:
    The program offers a unique advantage over competitors, providing various revenue streams and positioning participants as highly attractive to major brands under the mentorship of Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost.

The Wholesale Formula Bonuses

With The Wholesale Formula, you will get three free bonuses and they are the following:

  • Bonus 1 - TWF Alumni
    This is the first bonus that gives you an opportunity to participate in a specialized community on Facebook designed for the people of The Wholesale Formula. This community gives you the space to pose questions and explore the archives of insights shared by the participants of The Wholesale Formula 2022.
  • Bonus 2 - The BUSINESS Owners Playbook
    The second bonus with The Wholesale Formula is a mini-course playbook named the BUSINESS Owners Playbook. This e-book is designed to help you with managing your business. The things included in this playbook will aid you in attaining proficiency in negotiation, employment recruitment, establishing business workflows, and so on.
  • Bonus 3 - VA Launchpad
    The third bonus that you get with The Wholesale Formula is a supplementary course that will instruct you on ways to effectively resource virtual assistance to improve various aspects of your wholesale business. This will make the whole process of establishing your Amazon business less time-consuming.
  • Bonus 4 - TWF Coaching
    The last bonus that you will get from The Wholesale Formula is TWF Coaching. The team of The Wholesale Formula gives you direct coaching as a bonus of the program. The coaching allows you to engage in mentorship calls at least once every two weeks, receive regular guidance, and take actionable steps.
  • Bonus 5 - Lifetime Updates:
    Even though TWF is already experienced and successful with Amazon, they're constantly learning and finding new ways to grow. And guess what? They're excited to share those insights with you. This bonus will keep you updated with the latest strategies and techniques.

So, get your hands on the wholesale formula right now and get ready to level up your business with these fantastic bonuses!

How Much Money Can You Make Using The Wholesale Formula?

You might be curious about the potential profits achievable through this Amazon wholesaling approach, right? Let's delve into the details and analyze some figures.

Assuming an initial inventory investment ranging from $500 to $2000, combined with a professional Amazon seller account fee of $39.99 and the training costs for The Wholesale Formula at $2,997, your total startup costs would fall between $3,537 and $5,037. While this may appear steep initially, view it as a crucial investment toward a lucrative business venture.

Now, let's shift our focus to potential profits. Envision having ten distinct products sourced from various suppliers. If each of these products averages five units sold per day, that amounts to 50 sales daily or a remarkable 1,500 sales monthly! Even with a conservative profit rate of just $3.50 per product sold, this translates to an impressive $5,250 in monthly profit!

The beauty of wholesaling lies in its scalability. As you deplete any product line, simply reorder more units, and they can be swiftly delivered to Amazon FBA warehouses within days. This ensures an uninterrupted sales flow and steady income generation.

What's even more exhilarating is the potential for expansion and experimentation. You can continuously test new products, gradually building your inventory into hundreds or even thousands of diverse lines! Just imagine the monthly profits when hundreds of items are consistently selling!

How Much Does The Wholesale Formula Course Cost?

TWF has two payment options.

A one-time, up-front payment for the course is $2997.

Or, you can choose the payment plan at 4 monthly payments of $874.

That totals to $3496 which ends up costing you $499 more.

If you can swing it, go for the one-pay. You could pay your cc off in 4 months and might it should still be less than the payment plan.

There is also an option to split the payment between two credit cards. But you can only do this with the full payment option. This is good if you want to share the course with someone else. And yes, TWF allows you to have two people share the course if you want to have a business partner or share with your spouse. (More on this later).

Here is another payment scenario. If you enrolled with the payment plan but wish you did the one-pay, the good news is that you can switch to the single pay. You just need to contact support to get all the details.

Pros & Cons Of The Wholesale Formula

Here are the major drawbacks and benefits of the Wholesale Formula:

  • The wholesale formula is second to none regarding how in-depth it conveys vital information about Amazon wholesale.
  • Lifetime free course updates.
  • The formula is not a scam, it works. (Students have sold over $500 million worth of products on Amazon!)
  • Amazing bonuses such as access to VA Launchpad.
  • A minimal amount of risk is involved to scale.
  • Strong Facebook community support
  • You get lifetime access to a wholesale formula list of suppliers
  • Costly to purchase
  • The admission window for people to register is only open once a year.
  • New sellers are often rejected by brand owners.
  • No Amazon Seller tools are included in the package.
  • Finding great products is not as easy as it seems.

Overall, the pros seem to heavily outweigh the cons for most students. With the right expectations on workload and adequate startup capital, The Wholesale Formula provides unmatched value as a path to building a thriving ecommerce wholesale business.

My Honest The Wholesale Formula Review

The course is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to pursue your desired income easily. Furthermore, you have the assurance of a money-back guarantee, so there is no risk involved.

  • If, for any reason, this program doesn't meet your expectations, you can request a refund. This guarantee encourages most students to try the system, as they have nothing to lose.
  • The course provides a wealth of information to help you succeed in this business model, even if you are new to it. The creators have compiled excellent data and equipped you with effective tools to achieve the desired results.
  • The course is structured in a way that is easy to follow and provides all the necessary resources to get started promptly. Once you enroll, you can watch the training videos, which will guide you step by step. By doing so, you will better understand how the system operates and how to achieve success.
  • One of the course's outstanding features is its comprehensive curriculum, which covers everything from product sourcing to establishing supplier relationships and negotiating deals.
  • Additionally, you will gain access to a private Facebook community to connect with others in the industry and receive valuable support.

This Program is the only main gate to start selling wholesale on Amazon in 2023. This is a successful formula for making money online.

What is the Refund Policy?

The refund policy isn't the greatest in terms of refund guarantees and it will penalize you only if you opt for the payment plan.

Let me explain...

If you pay in full, you can get a refund within the first 30 days with no questions asked. You don't need to prove you went through the training or anything like that. Just email support to request a refund but it must be done within the first 30 days.

If you opt for the payment plan, even if you request a refund within the first 30 days, you won't get it. Your next 3 payments will be canceled, but you will lose $874 just like that.

The bottom line is, if you're already thinking about refunds before even buying the course, you're just not ready. Just don't bother buying unless you're 100% in.

The Wholesale Formula Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our #1 goal has been to create as many success stories as possible by sharing our formula. We have helped literally hundreds of people just like you create successful businesses. The truth is, The Wholesale Formula works, but you have to be willing to put in the work because it's not a get rich quick scheme. We teach you how to build a real, sustainable business, but it takes dedication from you to be successful.

Once you enroll in The Wholesale Formula, you get lifetime access to all the material which is available 24/7, so you get to take the course at your own speed. The course works much like a college class. After the enrollment period has closed, the newly enrolled class will start together and we make ourselves available to support you. The first 2 modules are available upon enrollment and the rest are released one module at a time over 6 weeks so everyone is progressing and learning together. We have found this format to be ideal as it prevents students from feeling overwhelmed.

Yes. We allow up to 2 business partners to share TWF Access. Once you enroll, you will be provided instructions via email to join the Facebook group as well as instructions to invite your business partner or spouse to the group (must be a true business partner, not a Virtual Assistant). TWF will permit two business partners into the group per enrollment.

Upon your enrollment in the wholesale formula, we'll immediately send you a confirmation email that contains your twf program login credentials so you can start accessing modules 1 and 2 right away, as well as the twf prime launch program dashboard where you can start following your roadmap of action steps and access the twf coaches’ live q&a session calendar. you’ll also have the opportunity to join the twf prime launch facebook group immediately. to give you plenty of time to learn the material, complete your action steps, and to avoid overwhelm, the remaining 3 modules of the program and the bonus mini courses are released every two weeks.

No, being successful with The Wholesale Formula is not dependent on being tech-savvy. It's never been easier to start an Amazon retail business. Plus, not only do we provide the tools for you to succeed, we walk you through how to use them all in complete detail. With The Wholesale Formula, your job isn't to be a programmer, so don't let the tech stuff scare you. 

yes. we fully understand the benefits of having a business partner, that’s why we have set up the course to allow your account to be logged in to up to 2 devices at the same time.
how long after enrollment can i expect to see a positive return on my investment?
we do not guarantee any financial results because with this business model, you get out what you put in. so, if you hit the ground running, and you follow the steps we have laid out, you will see real progress.
we have students who take action quickly and recoup the cost of the investment within a month. this is not typical, and actually, we recommend that you complete the entire 6-week course before ever contacting your first brand. building a real, sustainable business that provides reliable income takes time and effort.

Yes, the Wholesale formula is worth every minute, effort, and penny you invest in it. The knowledge you acquire from this course can help you scale significantly in your business and make you a big-time earner.

Yes, there are some complaints about the Wholesale formula such as the difficulty in finding an uncommon product to market or the small window you get when you want a refund.

Yes, the program offers a 30-days money-back guarantee for subscribers who don’t wish to continue with the course. If you don’t opt out with the 30 days window, you would not get a refund.

Yes, the wholesale Formula pdf is available but this will come without other relevant materials and information that you get when you pay for the full course.

The Wholesale Formula offers a lifetime deal, which means you can always access the formula and other free updates and bonuses when you pay once. The wholesale formula login details will be sent directly to your email immediately after payment.


According to the team of experts who created The Wholesale Formula
Program , the manufacturers have come up with an amazing refund policy. So, as you buy any of the above-mentioned packages, you will be provided with a great 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

If in any case this Product does not work for you or if you’re unsatisfied with the effects of the formula for any reason, then you are entitled to a complete refund with no questions asked.

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